Monday, March 30, 2009

Simone Best of Breed!

There are many people, who go out with their sighthounds most weekends to let them chase three plastic bags tied to a string that zigzags around a field on pulleys, who could paper their walls with these things. Among them is the owner of Simone's sire Calvin, a dog with more letters after his name than a Harvard Professor. To us though, yesterday's haul of ribbons is a big deal. After numerous false starts in coursing, Henry got the second leg of his Junior Courser title (although I do need to check that it wasn't the same judge as the first leg, in which case we'll have to go through this again), and Simone won first place and Best of Breed in the Open. She only beat out three other whippets, but we don't care, we think she's the greatest.
I have no pictures from the Big Apple Sighthound Association AKC lure coursing meet yesterday at Stillwell Woods near Syosset on Long Island, because the battery in my camera was dead, and anyway, a cold drizzle alternated with a thick mist all morning. It felt like a thoroughly English thing to do, to stand shivering in a muddy field in your wellies and Barbour jacket, defying the weather, with hounds baying and racing over the turf, then taking refuge from the elements in the car. The only thing missing was a flask of hot tea, or the little brass spirit stove my Grandad used to fire up on such occasions to make a fresh brew.

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  1. It wasn't the same judge for Henry's JC leg. Simone ran like a champ!


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