Thursday, March 19, 2009

Playing with Youtube

All of these grandiose plans for outdoor activities and self-improvement and productive use of time are pipe dreams. What I will really do if I ever have more time on my hands, is play on the internet. I will watch stuff like this:

which may be an advertisement but it's still clever. Or if it's a cold rainy day with only about six hours of daylight as sometimes happens in England, where I might end up or might not, I could give in to this little addiction:

In the meantime I'm enjoying my views. I say views (plural) because I always turn the camera towards the river, but actually I now have another very nice view from my window, and it is this:
When I first heard there was to be a mural on this blank wall I feared the worst, but as it turns out, this is a fine piece of public art, almost in my front yard. And on the theme of local additions to school walls, I must soon add a picture of my favorite spider.

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