Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sharif Memorial Update

This is the memorial to Sharif on Tuesday morning. Someone had cleaned it up, people had added more candles and more pictures and balloons, and little knots of people gathered to look at the pictures and wonder what could have happened--even at 6 in the morning.

And the movie village was back, but only for a day, in fact I almost fell flat on my face tripping over their wires. Which is all to say--what a rich and varied tapestry of life there is in this corner of Brooklyn, and how easy it is to dismiss as unimportant the little things that add texture and interest, and sadness, and humor, to your day--the man in the Korean store who gives you a nod that is close to a bow as you go by, the woman in the bagel store who calls you darling when she is in the mood, the star spangled changing rooms of the leading actors in a movie without a name. It takes years to build up this degree of acquaintance with a place, and that's not a thing to throw away lightly.

I didn't post yesterday because I read the Times instead. Also, WARNING. My computer is threatening to die, so if I suddenly disappear for a few days, that will probably be the reason.

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