Monday, April 20, 2009

A walk in the park--April

Today, the action contrasts with images of bucolic calm. A dogfight--all noise and no blood. A big brown pitbull put its head down in the Nethermead and did the slow attack-walk towards a Henry, who never backs down. Dog bodies snapped and snarled, the clueless owner wandered up saying "What are you doing?" to her 75lb hunk of jaw and muscle as if it was a naughty kid in a scrape. They stopped as suddenly as they started, and this time it seemed I was more shaken than the dogs, knowing too well what could have been.

In the woods, woodpeckers rattling, and red-winged blackbirds have been shrilling by the pools over a month already.

The first little chap I saw calling with wide open beak was up and about on March 6.

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