Saturday, April 4, 2009

Found Pug

This little guy was sitting on a bench all alone around six o'clock this morning. He wasn't tied up, but looked as if he had dragged his leash there and was wondering what to do next. He's fit and apparently well cared for. There was no one around, so I brought him with me on my walk with the whippets, who normally don't like pugs and puggles, but seemed undisturbed by this one. He answered to the name that was scrawled onto his sweater, which happened also to be the name of one of my park friends. "I have a dog here with your name on it," I said, but her last adoptee is still with her and is quite a handful, so I knew there was no room at that inn. My preference is for dogs with proper noses, but I quickly grew attached to this fellow, who seemed calm and in good spirits despite being lost or perhaps abandoned. However, with two whippets, a daughter, a fourth floor walkup and a full-time job, I knew I couldn't take on another dog.

Luckily it was Coffee Bark day, when the park's dog owner's association has a table out on the grass, and I was able to hang around until someone came by who was willing to foster him for a while.

If you have lost this pug, email

I have borrowed a camera prior to committing myself to a purchase and after combing through the three-volume user's manual managed to upload this photograph. The old one was much easier.
P.S. Signs were seen in the park by a follower of this blog, who called me with the number. The last I heard, Jerry--not Terry as I had thought--was about to be reunited with his owners.

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